We help you craft an EPIC legacy through authentic relationships and intentional storytelling.

What would it look like to approach life EPICly with a “long view?”

EPICly would be honored to come alongside you and your family as you…

Develop your legacy.

Live your legacy.

Share your legacy.

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As experienced advisors, Dr. Jason and Kimberly Peters are passionate about helping people craft an EPIC legacy.

Kimberly earned her BSN, is a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, mother to five children and “bonus mom” to one son-in-law. Jason and Kimberly were college sweethearts and have been married 29 years. They welcomed their first grandson in 2022.

Jason is a Legacy Advisor at Transform Wealth, with a particular focus on helping families craft a meaningful legacy. He is also a seasoned executive leader, most recently serving as CEO of an international NGO for more than five years. Completing his doctorate in 2007, Jason qualified as a Gallup-Certified coach, is a retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel, experienced trauma consultant and graduate of a one-year clinical residency at a trauma center in San Antonio, Texas.